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Aptitude & Ability for for Teenagers

Know your skills

Aptitude & Ability Tests are assessment devices used to measure an individuals' inherent abilities, their mental or physical skills level ( problem solving, manual dexterity, etc.).

The Tests attempt to determine and measure a person's potential to acquire Skills.

Why Should You Take the Ability Tests ?

You have now to select between Art, Science and Commerce.
You are confused if you have the ability to learn Computers.
You are not sure about your Numerical Ability!
Should you plan a career in Finance or Marketing?
What are your skills? Can these skills be used to plan a Career ahead?

You need specific guidance to make a decision.

A wrong decision at such a crucial juncture of your life might simply waste your time, energy and money. What about your motivation, enthusiasm and self respect!

Ability Test Battery - ATB

Ability Test Battery - ATB

Your Academics and Career Guide  - highly recommended

The Ability Test Battery is administered on the candidate to assess specific mental abilities such as Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, Mechanical Abilities etc. Each ability test measures specific ability and the task is defined as per the ability under measure. Each test in the Battery is independent of other tests and its results.

Who can take the Test:

The test may be attempted by individuals who are students and Adults.

 Individuals can take the Test to choose career oriented field of study which is facilitated by their inherent skills and abilities. The report suggests Career and Occupational fields on the basis of low, average and high abilities as evaluated from the performance on the test.

 Students and General Adults: Each may undergo the test for the purpose of Career Counseling. This Battery is highly recommended for all as it serves the role of a true Career Guide.

Time Limit

 Each Ability Test is time bound and should preferably be attempted one after the other . Time allotted for each test is disclosed before taking the test.

In some tests the time might not be disclosed as a rule of the test.

It would take maximum of  an hour and fifteen minutes approximately to perform on all of the ability tests mentioned above. The time encompasses the time taken to read and understand the instructions to perform on the test which is excluded from the Time Limit to Perform on the Test.

Multiple Ability tests tap on the candidates  inherent Abilities.

The scores on the tests are converted into a Profile which clearly depicts higher, average and lower abilities in the candidates.

On the basis of the Profile, the most appropriate field of Study and Career is suggested in the Test Report for the candidate.

The scores are predictive of candidates' performance of tasks in the related field in future.

 Why should the Battery of Ability Tests be applied on the individuals?

 The individual has to be presented with a variety of Stimulus (tests) since the purpose is to explore his inherent abilities. Therefore, it is mandatory to make them perform on all the ability tests. This will fulfill the ultimate purpose of Assessment.

 Application: Ability Report

The computersed Report clearly highlights the inherent abilities in the individual illustrated in a profile.

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