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Personality Assessment for Teenagers

Evaluate your Self

Evaluate your Self

Do you have a good Personality!

Are you aware of your positive traits which you can translate into vocational success?

Do you know your inherent weaknesses which might prove hindrance in your future progress?

Are you waiting for some one to guide you on these critical issues?

Take these Personality tests and evaluate your Real Self

Personality Dimensions of Teenagers - PDT

Academic Orientation Teenagers

Personality Dimensions of Teenagers - PDT

Assess your self-View the reflection of your inner self - transform

The test is very prevalently used to determine the Personality Variants of growing individuals in their most crucial ages of development, ‘The Teenage'

The Personality dimensions encompass four major spheres as:

 - Scholastic dimensions          - Social dimensions

 - Emotional dimensions           - Moral dimensions

Who can take the Test :

Students: 12 years to 18 years of age

Time Limit:

No time limit; it takes approximately 35 to 40 minutes to complete the entire test .

Students :

The test evaluates teenagers' personality and the feedback contributes significantly to the development of impressive and winning personality.

In this crucial age of learning and performing, the test report imparts the essential requisites of personality to be enhanced to gain scholastic achievements as well as develop the essential personality spheres to be successful in both personal and professional life later in life.

For the teenagers, it is just the ‘Right Time' to know their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

As mirror reflects your outer self and you can view the good and bad physical features about your self. Similarly, the Report of this personality test will reflect your inner traits and personality features.

Application: PDT Personality Report:

Counselors and school psychologists may use PDT to advise school or college students, in spotting the potential dropouts, personality disorders, low achievers, etc .

Academic Orientation Teenagers

Academic Orientation- Teenagers

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