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Web Based Solution in Psychometric Testing

Personality Assessment for Adults

Evaluate your Self

Evaluate your Self

Do you have a good Personality!

Are you aware of your positive traits which you can translate into vocational success?

Do you know your inherent weaknesses which might prove hindrance in your future progress?

Are you waiting for some one to guide you on these critical issues?

Take these Personality tests and evaluate your Real Self

Personality Assessment Measure for Adults PAMA

Personality Assessment Measure for Adults PAMA

Analyze your Personality -plan career and personal life issues

PAMA is extensively used to assess the Personality of an Individual from varied angles.

The Personality dimensions encompass four major spheres as:

  - Professional dimensions                - Social dimensions

- Emotional dimensions                    - Ethical dimensions


Who can take the Test :

 Adults : Above 18 years of age.

Time Limit:

No time limit; it takes approximately 35 to 40 minutes to complete the entire test.

Features :


  • The feedback on Professional dimensions help crucially at this age in selection and planning the career which is ‘The' focus of life at this stage.
  • The feedback about one's own self contributes significantly towards development of self, one's professional success and constant growth.
  • The Test Report highlights strong and weak dimensions and guides to practically make use of it in every day life in terms of professional , career success and gaining emotional strength.
  • It may also help to work on interpersonal relationships and resolve personal issues regarding marriage, friendship, parenting and so on.

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