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Web Based Solution in Psychometric Testing

Privacy Policy : is a web based solution for Psychometric testing, an endeavor to provide on line facility and enable self appraisal for the Individuals who are keen to explore about oneself and also provide testing facility to HR professionals for the multiple purpose of recruitment and employee appraisal.

When you register with us, we honor your privacy and therefore drawing a privacy policy with regard to information and details furnished by you and the Reports generated from your performance on the tests.


We use a secure server and the entire log in information furnished by you about self is safe and secure with us as it is stored in cookies.

Your Personalized Reports generated from the tests can be viewed on the site in your folder. We do not share any particulars or information regarding you to any other individual or organization.

The particulars furnished by you about self in the Registration form are solely used to process the test results.


This Privacy Policy is liable to change from time to time as per change in the company's policy, without any prior notice.

However, in order to ensure your safety and privacy, we're limited to actions that are within our control.Therefore, it is necessary for you to exercise some simple precautions for your privacy and for a safe and secure experience  .

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