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Web Based Solution in Psychometric Testing

Personality Assessment for Childrens

Evaluate your Self

Evaluate your Self

Do you have a good Personality!

Are you aware of your positive traits which you can translate into vocational success?

Do you know your inherent weaknesses which might prove hindrance in your future progress?

Are you waiting for some one to guide you on these critical issues?

Take these Personality tests and evaluate your Real Self

Multiple Dimensions of Personality in Children - MDPC

Multiple Dimensions of Personality in Children - MDPC

 A Glance into Children's Psyche and Persona

  - The tool serves as a Guide to Parents, Guardians, Teachers and School Counselors as it assists in knowing and understanding      the child.

The Personality dimensions cover three broad spheres as:

  - Personal Dimensions, -Group Dimensions and -Intellectual Dimensions

Who can take the Test :

    Children : 8 years to 11 years of age

 - MDPC is useful in predicting and evaluating the course of personal, social, and academic development of a child.

It provides information about the child's behavior pattern in class, in peer group and at home.

The tool is a good predictor of success at school, more so at higher educational level.

How is this Measure useful - ?

 - A feedback, just in time - In the developmental age of 8 years to 11 years, it is easier to correct the behavior patterns and imbibe values, morals and principles in the children. Therefore, MDPC should be recommended for children by all Parents, teachers and Counselors.

Application: Personality Report for Counselors:

Counselors and school psychologists may use PDT Report to advise the students, spotting the potential dropouts, personality disorders in children, low achievers in class and/also for counseling the disturbed or disturbing child.

Application: Personality Report for Parents:

The Feedback in PDT Report can be used by the Parents to understand the behavior pattern of their children. The report also helps in Parenting and facilitates righteous development of the children.

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