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Web Based Solution in Psychometric Testing

Who can take the Test

Job Seekers

Take the Tests to Evaluate your potentials and decide your career path.

Employed Individuals

Self Appraisal will reward you with appreciation and increment at work place. Take the Tests to Improve your Performance at Work.


Take tests to Assess your self- Be your own Guide.

One & All

You can take these tests. Know yourself better than before. Lead a Quality Life !!!

Use the Reports to

  • Plan Academics
  • Accelerate your Career path
  • Hit the Best Available Avenues
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Be an Achiever

Personality Assessment

Evaluate your Self

Do you know and understand yourself?

Do you have a good Personality!

Are you aware of your positive traits which you can translate into vocational success?

Do you know your inherent weaknesses which might prove hindrance in your future progress?

Are you waiting for some one to guide you on these critical issues?

Take these Personality tests and evaluate your Real Self

Intelligence Measures

Test your Brain Power

Intelligence testing helps you to assess all around effectiveness of your Mental Processes, especially Understanding, Reasoning, and the ability to Recall information.

The Numerical Value derived from these Intelligence Tests has predictive value and you can use it as a Feedback about your own level of Performance.

It will create an insight and help you to ascertain a realistic level of Achievement for yourself.

Standardized Tests, appropriate for both Children and Adults, are available to measure these Cognitive Functions of Brain.

So, choose accordingly from the given tests, as per your Age.

Aptitude & Ability for Adults

Know your skills

Aptitude & Ability Tests are assessment devices used to measure an individuals' inherent abilities, their mental or physical skills level ( problem solving, manual dexterity, etc.).

The Tests attempt to determine and measure a person's potential to acquire Skills.

Why Should You Take the Ability Tests ?

You have now to select between Art, Science and Commerce.
You are confused if you have the ability to learn Computers.
You are not sure about your Numerical Ability!
Should you plan a career in Finance or Marketing?
What are your skills? Can these skills be used to plan a Career ahead?

You need specific guidance to make a decision.

A wrong decision at such a crucial juncture of your life might simply waste your time, energy and money. What about your motivation, enthusiasm and self respect!

Career Preferences for Adults

Know your Careeer Interest

An interest inventory is a self assessment tool, used in career planning that assesses one's likes and dislikes of a variety of activities, objects, and types of persons with respect to a career. The rule is that people in the same career (and satisfied in that career) have similar interests.

Are you in a process of making crucial decisions regarding your Career?

You might be stuck at any of these 'Three Stages' of Career Planning!

  1. Get Started - Choose Career-Know your preferences
  2. Career Change- Shift your Career Preference-Know the options
  3. Career Advancement- climbing the corporate ladder until you reach the executive suite

OR doing a great job and being recognized for it.

If you are in the first two stages, then the Career Preference Inventories will be your appropriate Guide. Try to minimize your risk – Discover the Career of your Interest!

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