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Cognitive Proficiency

Acumen Ranking Tests
Know Cognitive Efficiency and Intellect-Predict level of Performance

Intelligence is the power of comprehending a given information making use of various Cognitive Functions of Brain, such as Reasoning, Perception, Problem solving etc.
Our Standardized tests produce a numerical value for these abilities which are interpreted in the report by Experts.
These reports are an efficient tool to predict an Individual’s Cognitive Efficiency and ascertain how well an Individual will fit into a Required Job Profile.
If you are an Employer, HRD professional or a Recruitment agency, you can use Standardized cognitive Testing to evaluate job applicants.
Use Our Tests and discover the Cognitive Brain Power of Candidates and Employees

  • --> You can use these Tests for the purpose of Selection, Training or development.
  • --> These tests are a reliable and valid source of assessment at all levels and can be applied for professionals at varied positions from clerical to managerial posts.
Intelligence Measure of Employee- IME

Skills and Ability Measures

Assess Professional Expertise and Competencies

Successful Performance in Career is directly proportional to professional skills and competencies. It is imperative to match the job profile with required skills and abilities for the purpose of Right Selection.

For instance, an individual with Sales Aptitude might fit better in Marketing division than Finance, whereas another individual with good Numerical and Reasoning ability might be a better selection for Finance Division.

Test your candidates and employees with our Testing Solutions and Hire skilled candidates.
  • --> Use our Tests to ensure that the candidate (employee/job seeker) has the potential to perform job relevant tasks in your organization.
  • --> Use our Ability and Aptitude test to ascertain if there is scope for further training to develop the required work skills and if the candidate is capable of Advance Learning in the field.

We offer a Battery of Ability and Aptitude tests to cover the range of skills and abilities requisite for various skilled job profiles. Each Measure of Ability contributes significantly to Industrial and Corporate settings.

   Ability Tests for IT Professionals

Intelligence Measure of Employee- IME

The test is a good predictor, when it is required to adjudge, how intelligently the individual will operate in some entirely new field or for assigning new job areas.
It is an effective and fair application of mental functions.
Target Group: across all ranks and echelons
Application : Change in Job Role, Assigning additional job field, promotion, appraisalTest Description : The test comprises of pictorial items which purport to tap on the employees cognitive abilities of reasoning, problem solving, analyzing complex data and other mental functions.
Test Description : The test comprises of pictorial items which purport to tap on the employees cognitive abilities of reasoning, problem solving, analyzing complex data and other mental functions.
The test is Time Bound (15 minutes).

  • The items are constructed and presented in a manner where learning and practice of such matter is insignificant.
  • The Test Report is extremely functional and valuable as it discloses the true rational ability of the employee, his knack to perceive and handle various work situations and his ability to fit in an explicit work domain.
  • The Intelligence scores are converted into Percentile for a better understanding of the employees fit into the normative stratum.
  • The test is an excellent yardstick of the employees' mental functions and is highly recommended for all Corporate.
The test is reliable and valid in true scientific meaning.
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Comprehensive Career Guidence Test - TEST4
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Ability Tests for IT Professionals

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