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HR Professional

Evaluate Professional Competence and Proficiency

Personality Assessment Tools aim to describe the individual's character pattern of behavior, thoughts, and feelings in context of Job Profile, Organizational Climate and Work Tenure.

  • --> Our Personality Assessment Tools are perfectly designed and customized to cater to the assessment needs of Corporate and Industries.
  • --> They can be effectively used for the purpose of Recruitment and selection, evaluation of current employees and selection of employees for the purpose of training or mentoring.
  • --> Personality and aptitude tests (psychometrics) are helpful for managing people and for understanding them.
  • --> You should also consider using Personality and Aptitude tests if you are Recruiters, Managers, HR Professionals or Career Consultants (recruiting or developing people).

--> Personality Assessor for Corporate - PAC
Assessing your employee’s personality dimensions is as important as assessing his job skills. Why?

  • --> Suppose, your employee is an Expert, well talented and highly skilled but lacks motivation, does not like to take responsibility or make an initiation.
  • --> He is also prone to depression and is prone to stress.
  • --> Will he still be able to produce the desired results and contribute effectively?
  • --> His job skills and expertise would be much more effective if he had better Mental Health and was more Responsible and Prompt.
  • --> His job skills and expertise would be much more effective if he had better Mental Health and was more Responsible and Prompt.

Thus, assessing Personality dimensions along with job skills ascertains your employee’s healthy contribution to the Organization after his selection and also ensures his commitment and long tenure in the company.

Personality Assessor for Corporate - PAC

Depicts Professional Persona of Employees and Applicants
PAC is an extensively used tool in Corporate Segment, Organizations and Industries for the purpose of selection and placement.

PAC depicts professional qualities in an individual which are essentially required at work place. The tool is dually useful in predicting the professional persona of the employees currently working in the organization as well as the applicants who apply for the organizational vacancies.

Target groups : Employees in all levels of hierarchy .
Features & Dimensions
The dimensions encompass almost all aspect of ‘total personality'. Each dimension is independent of the other i.e., they do not overlap in meaning and represent clear functional unities.
These dimensions are important in the sense that each dimension has a wide area of influence on behavior in terms of psychological process of maturation, learning, and interaction with physiological conditions.

Areas of Application - Industries and Business Organizations
Purpose of Application - For the purpose of selection, placement, and promotion of personnel
Predictive Function - The scores are predictive of some very important Job related perspectives as: -the retaining capacity of the employee (length of time an employee is likely to remain with the company, Sales effectiveness, Work efficiency, tolerance for routine and several measures relevant to specific occupations.
Target Job Profiles - Administrative Profile, Executives, Managers, Clerical Staff, (Pilots, Nurses, Sales Executives )

Test Description
The tool measures 20 dimensions of individuals' personality which encompasses Personal, Social, Emotional, and Moral & Ethical Spheres of life. The dimensions measured can be extended to the work personality in hand.
It enables total screening of one's personality which can be critically and elaborately adjudged against job roles in terms of mental factors, moral and temperamental factors.
The tool can be customized as per the demand of the vacancy and post in hand for recruitment and selection purpose. The Personality Report presents an insight into the complete personality of the person under testing.
The psychometric properties of this scale (reliability, validity etc.) have been well ascertained .

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